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Engagement Partners is a division of Motivation Partners, Inc., founded in 2005 as a consulting firm in the area of customer and employee motivation and as a direct representative for incentive services and products companies. Since that time, Motivation Partners has expanded outside of the traditional realm of incentives to address all of the issues related to engagement, including leadership coaching and training, communications, rewards and recognition, measurement, and more. In light of its involvement with the recently founded Enterprise Engagement Alliance, a coalition of like-minded organizations seeking concrete ways to link, it became apparent that the name Engagement Partners better reflected the range of the outsourced services and solutions we manage.

Founder and President

Ira M. Ozer, CPIM

Ira M. Ozer, CPIMIra has over 27 years of experience designing and implementing motivation, incentive, recognition, loyalty and innovation programs that help companies improve the performance of their employees, salespeople, channel partners, and customers. He is a frequent speaker about motivation and incentives, has been designated as a Certified Professional of Incentive Management (CPIM) by the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) and is a contributing writer for Engagement Strategies, Incentive, Return on Performance, Premium Incentive Products magazines.

Certified Professional of Incentive ManagementOver the years, he and his team have partnered with dozens of leading consultants and suppliers with specialized expertise, technologies and services that help accomplish specific objectives for different audiences, areas and industries related to engagement and measurable performance improvement.

In 2010, Ira and most of his partners became actively engaged with the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, which is a coalition of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations dedicated to developing a science of engagement in business that focuses the entire enterprise on measurable performance improvement and increased results.

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Our Partners

Engagement Partners works with more than 50 specialized consultants, specialized technology and services companies.partners. To determine the most appropriate one(s) to help you achieve your engagement and performance improvement objectives, we first assess your strategy and resources, and then determine the best solution(s) based on your specific needs We provide clients with several recommended suppliers which can help accomplish their engagement solutions from different perspectives and compare the pros and cons to determine the optimum fit.

Enterprise Engagement Alliance
By working with suppliers in the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, we can best ensure that all consultants and suppliers understand the requirements of your engagement goals and objectives, including the inter-relationships of audiences; the need to inter-connect communications, learning, and other software tools to maximize engagement and measurement. The EEA is currently in the process of developing a formal curriculum and certification process for Enterprise Engagement that will be available to all organizations seeking to profit from engagement, and many of our partners will be contributing to it.

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We are members of these engagement services industry associations:

  1. Enterprise Engagement Alliance
  2. Incentive Marketing Association
  3. Recognition Professionals International
  4. Metro. NY Assn. of Applied and Industrial Psychologists
  5. Motivation Professionals Association
  6. Society of Human Resources Management
  7. American Society of Training and Development

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Michael Norton
Founder and CEO, CanDoGo.com, and President, Ziglar, Inc.

I know a lot of people are passionate and excited about motivation, but Ira Ozer takes it to a whole new level. His commitment and drive to inspire others is awesome. I applaud Ira for his efforts and for his innovative thoughts around the motivational industry. Ira has been a great partner and always follows through on his ideas and plans, most times keeping me on task when I fall short of keeping my obligations. I appreciate Ira and all he is doing for our industry.

Jerry Duci
Information Builders

Information Builders is a global leader in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Integration solutions. We have been in business over 30 years with a strong emphasis on direct sales. In early 2006, we wanted to provide additional motivation and incentives for our sales personnel, and wanted to use an online catalog model for incentive prize redemption.

Ira Ozer of Motivation Partners was instrumental in helping Information Builders select a provider who could satisfy our business needs and requirements for a successful implementation of an online incentive system. We had looked at a number of providers, and with Ira’s help, selected a solution that is cost-effective, easy-to-use, and provides our Sales Reps with thousands of choices of incentive awards, from consumer electronics to sporting goods to apparel to travel rewards. The implemented solution also provides excellent reporting on participants and their activity.

Ira has also been very attentive in following up with us on our usage and satisfaction. I’m happy to recommend his services.

Jerry Duci
Director, Field Sales Development
Information Builders

Andrew Borislow
Accessall, LLC

Ira Ozer is among the most knowledgeable and well-respected people in the premium incentive industry. He is an incredibly gifted partner with a broad- based understanding of corporate objectives and is able to deliver programs that assist in meeting these important goals. Ira is professional, wonderfully personable and a very generous person. He always goes the extra mile to ensure that every dollar spent has a measurable return-on-investment. I would recommend Ira as a partner for your next incentive or motivational program; he gets the job done!

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Ira Ozer, Engagement Partners CEO is an advisor to two online businesses that help non-profit organizations increase their exposure and engagement with more people and businesses that can help their causes in terms of fund-raising, volunteering and advocacy:

Good2gether.comGood2gether.com helps non-profits significantly improve their exposure by creating online “DoGood” channels for media company web sites, such as USA Today and many local Gannett newspaper sites, such as Boston.com. With these sites, when readers become interested in helping after they read an article about a crisis or cause, they can easily see all of the local non-profit organizations that are helping and that need donations or volunteers. This company truly turns “cause into effect.” For more information, visit www.good2gether.com.

ClassWishClassWish.org helps teachers get supplies and equipment for their classrooms for which there would otherwise be no funding. On average, teachers spend more than $600 out of their own pockets annually. Instead, ClassWish allows teachers or PTAs to create online “wish lists” of the items they need and which parents, relatives and local sponsors can access to make donations. This is a more efficient way of raising funds than the traditional cookie and wrapping paper sales, in which the schools get only a portion of the money spent. For more information, visit www.classwish.org.

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