Engagement Services

To design and implement an effective, measurable engagement solution, you must have the proper balance of the following integrated services to understand, motivate, communicate, train, reward and recognize people for taking the actions and behavior changes you seek to improve their performance

Engagement Partners provides these specialized services through our network of expert consultants and supplier partners:

1. Engagement Assessment

We analyze your current engagement data, and conduct targeted meetings with appropriate members of your team or target audience, to identify the challenges and solutions and benchmark your current engagement practices. We use a software product and formal methodology available to all organizations from the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, a coalition of leading organizations that provides engagement research, education, and web tool design.

2. Engagement Solution Plan (ESP) Design

We create a concrete business plan for your engagement strategy with clear goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, and actions, including roles and responsibilities, budget, timeline, and projected return on investment. This can include the creation of a Request-for-Proposal process for selecting outsourced vendors, and the subsequent management and measurement of their activities, according to the approved engagement plan.

3. Motivational Communications

Once the solution has been created, it is critical to communicate it to the audiences who can participate, so they can learn, become inspired and motivated and then take the desired actions and make the needed behavior changes. Communications should include integrated components, such as an Engagement Portal, print materials, promotional products (logo/themed items), social media and in some cases, meetings and special events.

4. Dynamic Learning Systems, Exams, and Certification

We train management at all levels about engagement principles and process, which can not only help improve your long-term results but reduce your need for outsourced services over time. In addition, our experts provide Leadership Development and Coaching, as well as training for New Products, Sales Processes and Intrinsic Motivation.

5. Online Engagement Portals, Incentive and Loyalty Platforms

We provide specialized software platforms to manage all aspects of engagement, from employee recognition to sales performance improvement to channel partner collaboration to customer loyalty to community involvement. We use the Solata Engagement portal technology to help seamlessly integrate all of the solutions, when appropriate.

6. Tangible Incentives, Rewards and Recognition

We provide millions of brand name merchandise choices, retail gift cards, stored value cards and individual travel packages through the industry’s Universal Rewards Exchange (URE) and major incentive industry brands and fulfillment companies.

7. Incentive Travel, Innovation Meetings and Motivational Events

We design and manage group incentive travel programs to inspire, motivate, engage, recognize and reward people for achieving increased performance and results; innovation meetings to foster collaboration, creativity, new products and improved processes; and motivational events to inspire people to engage with the sponsoring company.

8. Engagement Solution Implementation

We work with your internal team to implement and manage the engagement solution(s) in accordance with the Engagement Solution Plan, so that we achieve performance improvement results, with a measurable return-on-investment (ROI). We assign professional project managers who use various project management software platforms, according to the solution deliverables, client, and partner needs. We employ a unique quality control process, known as our “Double Red Flag Checklist™” checklist, to ensure that all tasks to launch the solution are identified, tracked, accomplished and tested on time and at or under budget.

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