The Opportunities of Engagement

Engagement Research spanning more than 30 years proves that most companies have challenges fully engaging their employees, channel partners, customers and communities, but only recently have tools become available to fully measure the results of engagement strategies and solutions.

Since engagement solutions have been difficult to measure, only the true believers sought success through an enterprise approach to engagement. Today’s critical issue and opportunity is to connect the dots between the engagement, action and results of employees ,channel partners, customers, communities andsuppliers, because all of these groups are interrelated.

Engagement Partners provides managed engagement outsourcing services to help companies assess their current engagement strategies and recommend solutions to improve short- and long-term results using integrated programs and services that are appropriate to each situation.

Concrete Measures

It is not only intuitive but proven that the competitive edge goes to organizations whose customers, channel partners, employees, suppliers and communities are continually engaged to communicate, innovate, collaborate, and improve their skills and knowledge with a fierce loyalty to a well-defined mission and brand.

Dozens of studies from the most respected research organizations provide irrefutable evidence linking customer and employee engagement with financial success, including the following finding:

  • Average three-year revenue growth for companies that effectively manage employee engagement was more than twice that of industry peers. (CLC-Genesee/ Corporate Executive Board, 2009)
  • High-engagement firms experienced an earnings-per-share (EPS) growth rate of 28%, compared with an 11.2% decline for low-engagement firms. (Towers Perrin survey, July 2008)

See our Resources section for more studies.

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Connecting Your Engagement Surveys to Action Plans

The problem is no longer getting data about engagement; the challenge is what to do with the findings. Engagement challenges can be caused by myriad, ever-changing factors, including:

  • Poor leadership, marketplace, or financial challenges
  • Training and communication issues
  • A lack of collaboration and innovation
  • Inadequate or inappropriate rewards and recognition
  • Measurement problems
  • Lack of information feeding back from your key audiences
  • Unproductive or “striveless” cultures
  • Compensation and work-life issues

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The External-Internal Link

Enterprise engagement issues often get separated and divided between human resources, marketing, and sales departments, even though engagement usually cut across the organization. The actions of customers, channel partners, salespeople, customer service and operational employees, even vendors, can have a direct impact on the engagement of other audiences, and yet many organizational initiatives overlook these often vital connections. Engagement Partners offers tools that help you bridge that gap to accomplish specific objectives.

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Each Challenge is an Opportunity

A common frustration is that each engagement survey reveals a new problem involving a specific audience requiring its own tactical strategy. Do you need leadership training, or more training for your key audiences? Do you need a different approach to communications, or do you need to change your recognition strategies? Are you properly measuring performance? Are your polls or surveys feeding useful information to identify problems and potential solutions? The organization that provides you data and potential prescriptions may or may not be able to provide you with a zero-based tactical solution specific to your situation.

For each situation, you need to know: what is the solution? Why? At what cost? With what return? Are there cultural, union, or internal or external political issues involved?

The goal of Engagement Partners is to help you improve business results by connecting the dots between your organization’s mission, goals, objectives and the actions of all of your key audiences, based on a realistic appraisal of the situation and the resources and programs best able to address them.

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How We Help

We work with organizations to:

  1. Translate your engagement scores into improved business results by recommending the best strategy, solution, engagement services and suppliers that fit your company’s needs, and then managing the process to make sure you get the measurable results.
  2. Evaluate your existing performance improvement programs to recommend improvements that can increase results and deliver a measurable ROI.
  3. Design new programs by assessing your needs and then recommending the best program strategy, specific solution, services and suppliers, as needed.
  4. Train your team to better manage enterprise engagement strategies on their own.

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