Our Process

We use a highly focused 4-step method to help you translate data into solutions.

Chances are, your company has lots of data that can be used to help identify a specific engagement problem or opportunity. Most companies today run surveys of many audiences and have considerable data from their customer relationship management, employee records, and vendor management systems that can be mined for trends. If not, useful engagement polls and surveys today are relatively easy and inexpensive to deploy.

After signing an NDA, we systematically review available data and benchmark your organization’s relevant engagement practices from every source available to identify gaps, opportunities, and connections. Or, if you lack data, we will you locate the best way to get it. Our consultants have years of experience working in internal and external marketing and management and know how to spot trends and issues. In addition, we use tools developed by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, a coalition of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations to help organizations objectively and anonymously benchmark their practices and results.

Engagement Partners helps you:

Step 1: Identify the engagement challenge and strategy
Step 2: Design the most effective solution
Step 3: Identify the internal services and most appropriate suppliers
Step 4: Track, measure, assess, and recommend improvements

Your challenge and solution may be specific to an audience or problem, or you may be looking to build a self-sustaining enterprise-wide engagement culture. Engagement Partners can help you succeed along the entire spectrum through design, implementation, and measurement.

Engagement Partners employs a turnkey, zero-based approach to help you identify and implement a measurable engagement strategy using the best possible experts and resources, either within or outside of your organization. Our model is to help you achieve sustainable engagement and performance through the following four steps:

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Step 1: Identify the challenge and motivation strategy

We can supplement data-mining of all currently available information as needed with surveys and polls and with a quick and effective process known as the “nominal group technique,” which gathers together in small groups representatives of the audiences you’re trying to engage, and asks a series of questions designed to uncover engagement issues. Combining this “live” information with your data, we are usually able to identify the probable cause(s) of your engagement challenges and the potential levers of opportunity. During this process, we can also help you assess your internal engagement capabilities and practices to make sure you’re maximizing your use of internal resources.

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Step 2: Design the most effective solution(s)

Based on the findings of the assessment process, we create an Engagement Solution Plan (ESP) that includes goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, timeline, roles and responsibilities, and return-on-investment measures. As part of this process, we identify the specific types of tactics and integrated services most appropriate to the challenge, whether sourced within or outside of your organization.

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Step 3: Identify the integrated services and expert suppliers

Based on our understanding of your specific needs and internal resources, we help you identify the internal or external resources best-suited to implement the ESP. We assign a senior consultant to each project to help coordinate the final team based on your particular needs. Your team usually will consist of our consultants, representatives from your management team and managers in your organization accountable for the performance of any outside suppliers.

To help you reduce costs and increase speed, we seek to leverage the internal resources, technology, web sites, and vendors already in place. We will involve any solution provider that can help, whether or not the resource is already an approved Engagement Partners expert consultant or supplier.

Engagement Partners provides an ever-growing number of solution providers in all areas of engagement whom we help you manage to ensure success. We continually evaluate new vendors and technologies and are always open to new introductions.

To finalize your selections, we help you employ an objective, Request-for-Proposal process that identifies the best supplier(s) that fit your needs based on our assessment and evaluation recommendations.

No matter whether you utilize one company or multiple suppliers as part of this process, Engagement Partners stands by you with hands-on responsibility for the outcome and using our unique “Double Red Flag Checklist” to assure quality, timeliness and cost control..

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Step 4: Track, measure, assess results and recommend improvements

Engagement Partners is a consultant that helps you manage an end-to-end engagement solution using the appropriate internal resources or vendors transparently selected.

We monitor and measure the results based of the ESP and take full responsibility for the performance of your program and the suppliers selected.

We participate in the Enterprise Engagement Alliance industry initiative (http://www.enterpriseengagement.org) in order to provide you with objective tools and potential benchmarking data.

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