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Engagement Partners

Engagement Partners is an independent consulting firm and managed outsourcing services company working with a growing variety of companies with demonstrated expertise in various elements of engagement. These companies are committed to advancing the principles of Enterprise Engagement through research, education, benchmarking, and certification programs, and understand the inter-relationships of audiences and the challenges involved with aligning organizational efforts to clearly defined and measurable goals.

After assessing your company’s need for improved engagement solutions, we can manage an RFP process with our carefully vetted group of expert consultants and suppliers in all areas of engagement who all speak the same language. We also work with your internal resources, if available, or your current suppliers if you feel they are most appropriate.

Here are just of few of the assessment questions that need to be asked to assess your engagement needs.

  1. How engaged are your employees, salespeople, channel partners and customers?
  2. If you can increase their engagement levels, how much can you increase revenues, profits and productivity?
  3. How effective is/are your current engagement solution(s)?
  4. What type of solutions are being used for:
    1. Employees?
    2. Salespeople?
    3. Channel Partners?
    4. Customers?
    5. Suppliers?
    6. Communities?
  5. How are these solutions being measured?
  6. Is there a return-on-investment?
  7. Are you using the best, most expert suppliers for each solution and service?
  8. Which of the integrated performance services will you do in house and which do you need to outsource?
  9. What sort of consensus is their within your organization for improving engagement?

Engagement Partners provides a unique, objective assessment tool that can be implemented within days to come up with concrete answers to these questions.

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