Solutions Designed to Fit

Our job is to help identify your engagement challenges, recommend the most effective integrated solutions, and then manage them with our consulting and technical resource partners to achieve success and a return-on-investment  (ROI)

Types of Solutions

Through our unique role as the first outsourced management company specializing in Engagement, we offer solutions to address each key audience in business:

  • Employees
    • Manager and Peer-to Peer Recognition
    • Sales Incentive and Training Programs
    • Motivational Trips and Meetings
    • Wellness and Safety Programs
    • Innovation and Collaboration Processes
    • New Customer and Employee Referrals 
    • Service Award Programs
    • ...and more
  • Channel Partners
    • Sales Incentive and Marketing Programs
    • New Product Launch Events
    • Motivational Incentive Trips
    • Customer Advisory Councils
    • B2B Loyalty Programs
    • Training and Certification Programs
    • ...and more
  • Consumers
    • Customer Loyalty Programs
    • Customer Referral Programs
    • Innovation and Collective Intelligence
    • Exciting and engaging Brand Promotions
    • Interactive Online Games
    • ...and more
  • Suppliers 
    • Advisory Councils
    • Recognition Standards and Awards
    • Collaboration
    • ...and more
  • Communities
    • Corporate Social Responsibility/Cause Marketing 
    • Collective Intelligence  and Open Innovation
    • ...and more

Our premise is simple: when it comes to engagement, one size does not fit all. Every short and long-term engagement challenge needs a different solution based on your organization and engagement strategy. These challenges include myriad practical solutions that will get the best results if woven into an integrated, measurable solution with a clear strategy, tactical plan, budget, measures, and timeline. Your challenge might require one or more of the following issues:

  • Various types of leadership or capability training, online or in person for employees or channel partners or vendors
  • Improved communication through greater integration of your Web portal, digital and print communications, meetings, events, promotional products, etc.
  • More comprehensive measurement of actions and results
  • More effective feedback systems, including polls and surveys
  • Dynamic learning, gaming and certification systems
  • A better targeted rewards and recognition strategy
  • A more effective loyalty strategy for customers

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A Zero-Based Approach

It’s unlikely that an organization can find a single supplier to solve every type of engagement challenge. Engagement Partners functions as your advisor to set up a concrete strategy and implementation plan that can address every key step:

  • Assessment – Undertaking or analyzing the polls and surveys and meetings with people to identify engagement opportunities, challenges, and potential solutions.
  • Strategy – Helping you read between the lines of your assessment process to identify the specific challenges and determine the most effective Engagement strategies to achieve your desired business objectives.
  • Solution – Designing the most effective Engagement solution based on your strategy, which will often involve participants from your employee, channel partner and customer audiences.
  • Services – Determining the integrated performance services needed to implement the solution, with whatever internal and external resources are required or justified.
  • Supplier(s) – Recommending the specific outside resources appropriate to the solution and creating a specific Engagement Solution Plan (ESP) to manage the solution with measurable return-on-investment, budget, and defined timeline. Facilitate an RFP process, if necessary
  • Management – Managing the suppliers(s) to make sure you they work according to the ESP.
  • Analysis - Helping you make sense of the results of the effort in terms of return-on-investment, sustainability, and information you can apply in the future.

Engagement Partners employs expert consultants and suppliers who can translate data and the Engagement Solution Plan into actionable, measurable solutions, supported by an implementation oversight team to ensure compliance with designated roles and responsibilities, timeline, and budget.

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