An Engagement portal integrates your engagement strategies, tactics, and measures

Making the Connections

An engagement portal can be the key to communication, alignment, and measurement

For most audiences, the Internet provides the ultimate platform to implement, integrate, and measure your engagement effort. No matter which technology or combination of technologies you use, an Engagement Portal is the means by which you organize all of your efforts so that you can precisely align engagement with actions and organize all of your programs in a coherent, compelling way.

Our model includes a single Engagement Portal for each audience that organizes and focuses your communication. You can use your current technology or that of our technology partners to help you align and integrate all of your activities and better measure the results.

Our partners include a suite of technologies that can be linked through “the cloud” so that there is a single user-interface access to all of your features, which can include:

  • The latest news about your organization
  • How-to and reference articles
  • Useful links to other web sites
  • Opportunity for social networking
  • Ability to reward and recognize
  • Training, exams and certification
  • Polls and surveys
  • Performance measurement

No matter what technology you use to power your portal, it serves as the central focus of all of your communications and engagement activities to make sure that everyone who touches the effort knows where to go for more information.

By organizing your engagement efforts through a single Web portal, you not only make it easier for your target audience to engage and participate, you gain invaluable insights into the types of activities that drive performance while creating a collaborative and innovative community.

Engagement Partners will help you benchmark your current Web communications platform and determine which if any steps are needed to align it with your overall needs, budget, and potential return-on-investment. If needed, we can provide concrete solutions through multiple technology partners specializing in various aspects of communications, training, measurement, and more, based on your needs.

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